Friday, August 6, 2010

Our little lives!

THIS IS IT! this is the moment we REALLY got started! haha we'd had a life before this day... but now... now it's different. :) it's real. it's official. we're going to be together, forever. and all that that entails. joint bank accounts, being able to say good night and not have to say goodbye, and just being able to spend every waking minute with my very best friend in this whole wide world. well... other than those moments we're at work or somesuch like that. but i can honestly say... i have NEVER been happier. it has been 2 months and 16 days since this moment. we've moved into our apartment! we've gotten a guinea pig named Gus, we've watched more Psych than any 2 people should be allowed and all together had way too much fun. :) i can't stress how happy we are... we even got fish! yes. 8 of them. 9 if you count Thor... he's the man-eater we're babysitting. :P he's an Oscar. crazy stuff there. we have Norman the Beta fish and a whole tank full of fun tropical fish. Bubblegum, Maurty, Pongo, Mickey, Ms. Scarlet, Gill, and Hadies the sucker-fish. they're very fun to take care of. and very fun to watch. :) but my favorite is still Gus the Guinea pig. enough of our pet life though :P our apartment is quaint. we love it. it's super tiny, Russell nearly hits his head on the light fixtures. but we love it. it's our home and it's perfect! we both have jobs now ^_^ Russell's working for the school and i'm working at a call center. they're good jobs and we are very blessed to have them! we're just biding our time and enjoying our summer vacation! we've had a lot of really good times with friends, and hope to have many more! we're so blessed to have the amazing friends we do. ^_^ and the family too, we have by far the best family in the history of any family ever. it's been decided. well that basically sums up most of the important stuff for now :) i'll tell you a story later. but... you have to wait till later. Bye!

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  1. Ummm this says it was posted August 6th...and you've only been married for two months and sixteen days? Hasn't it been longer?
    Loves You Guys & Misses You Tons!