Sunday, September 4, 2011

Russell's Birthday!!

     I am now 24! My birthday was yesterday, September 3, and the festivities were Awesome! After getting home from a race to Sammy's Cafe at 7 in the morning to pick up Bountiful Baskets, I was commanded to go back to bed until further instructed. I couldn't really disagree after being woken up in a hurry earlier. When I was woken up, Trish introduced me to the kitchen. The table was decorated with our finest plates and cups, the smell of fresh pancakes, made by our friend Kandice, filled the air, and paper towel airplanes were crash landing inside our cups, thanks to our friend Chloe. (Chloe and Kandice have been staying with us for the past few days) The breakfast tasted divine. After much merriment at the table, they cleaned everything up and wouldn't let me do ANYTHING. Trish's rule for the day was that I had to be I wasn't allowed to clean or do any such thing.
   We played Tanks on the Wii while our stomachs were digesting and waited until the afternoon to go down to Idaho Falls. The plan was to go to a seemingly free ropes course in Idaho Falls and climb around things to our hearts' content. It turns out that it wasn't free and was private property. So...WE TOOK PICTURES!!
     Oh Chloe...


   We didn't stay around for long time. Conveniently enough, there was a Petsmart across the street, so we went to check out the fishies, lizards, snakes, kitties, and Guinea pigs hehe. It was a fun adventure socializing with the animals :) 
   After we decided that there wasn't much to do in Idaho Falls, we set our destination towards Rigby Lake. A nice opportunity to have fun and actually get some sun. Our friends Mike and Madison, and their little boy Cairo, joined us for the afternoon for their first time at Rigby Lake. We spent the day chilling on our little patch of grass, playing frisbee, and swimming in the lake. I hadn't been swimming in a while and was exhausted after one swim. Ridiculous, I know!
Kyle and Chloe

Me and My Love :)



The Rowells


Que Bella!

   After spending a few hours soaking up the sun at Rigby Lake, we all headed home to get ready for the night time party. All that I was allowed to do was either play games or make hamburgers (sooooooo hard to do haha). It was exciting to get home to try out a new game on the Wii that Kyle and Chloe got for me. It was Metroid Prime 3. I've never played a game quite like it ('s hoping I don't spend too much time on it with Labor Day off time). Mike and Madison's present to me at the lake was a couple of NERF guns. Now we can have marital arguments in STYLE :) We had other friends come over for the night such as: Adam and Evi Figgat and Jef and Elphe Funk. We all socialized, played games, and had a fun time. When it came cake time, I was really surprised at my theme. 

Chloe and the happy moustache

Just playing games!


Jef and Elphe

Tank action!!
   A couple days ago, while grocery shopping, Trish asked me what theme that I wanted for my cake, and listed out a few options...including Unicorns. I jokingly said that unicorns were awesome because I really didn't know what I wanted in a theme. Well...SURPRISE!!!!

Yes..that is a Unicorn haha

   I asked if they could put the number 24 in candles on my cake when it's my 42nd birthday. Everyone agreed. The best part was...they found that unicorn decoration at Petsmart. So after it's cleaned, it's going in our fish tank. I'm sure that our fishies will appreciate it.
   The night ended with Toy Story 3, which I've only seen a few times. Overall, it was an AWESOME BIRTHDAY!! I Love my Wife, Family, and Friends!! They really made it an awesome experience.
   Oh and P.S....there are a lot (A LOT) of gaps that needed to be filled in. I'll try and keep you updated as best as possible. Just remember to remember peoples' birthdays, because it makes all the difference in the world. It made mine the best ever! :)


  1. how fun! Happy birthday!! Was Trish not feeling well today, or did we just miss her coming into the Chapel with you?

  2. Trish wasn't feeling well today. I was so happy to see Mitch as I was heading out the door. We really need to get together with you guys and do dinner and games!