Sunday, September 11, 2011

To fill in the blank spaces...

   Much like the current of the river, life flows on without fail. I remember days when I was in high school, imagining what my life would be like right now. Well, here's some updates for "Past Me" life and your projected life are beautiful!
   I'm sure that his questions would be the same as anyone else's, if they had the chance to talk with their future selves:
            Past: I going to be...are you...married?
            Present: Oh Yeah! It's the happiest marriage ever! I don't want to give away a lot, but you'll meet         the girl of your dreams at BYU-Idaho.
            Past: Really?! That's AWESOME! How will I know her when I see her?
            Present: Trust me. You'll know. Just be yourself and everything will be fine.
            Past: Well that's comforting. So what am I doing with my life in the future?
            Present: Well...I'm still in school for now. There will be a lot of different directions that will lead you in the right direction of where you want to go in life. Right now I work for Youth Programs on the campus doing Media and Graphic Design.
            Past: Wow! Graphic Design, huh? I didn't really think that I would be good enough to do that. Actually, I was thinking about doing Mechanical Engineering.
            Present: That's Awesome! You'll figure it all out eventually!
            Past: So are you one of those young multi-billionaires...or close to getting there?
            Present: No way! No no no no no no...I don't want to discourage you...but you'll be pretty much broke through your first year of marriage and while you're in school. Just know that you'll get along just fine. The Lord will always take care of you, if you pay your tithing. Plus, you've got amazing family and friends who would never see you and your family without their needs. Just don't waste too much of your time with silly television. Just turn that stuff off and do something awesome with the time you have.
             Past: make it sound easy. I don't know. Maybe I'll just watch a few shows from now and again.
             Present: Sounds fair. You'll see the big difference when you go on your mission.
             Past: Wait a second...the mission! Where did you go?
             Present: I don't want to spoil the surprise. Just know...that it was one of the best experiences of a lifetime and that you will grow in so many different ways that the possibilities will seem endless.
             Past: Sweet! Foreign speaking...?
             Present: Not telling...hehe
             Past: Alright. If you want to play THAT way. So are you waiting to have kids until you get out of...not...being broke?
             Present: Quite honestly...a little baby is coming anytime within the NEXT 3 WEEKS!!
             Past: OH MY GOSH! Are you excited to be a Dad?!
             Present: Oh Yeah! I'm SO excited! I admit that the thought can be overwhelming and scary sometimes...but it seems so worth it.
             Past: So...that means that you have pictures from the ultrasound right?
             Present: YEP! Here! Check it out!

13 Weeks

21 Weeks

            Past: is it a boy or a girl?
            Present: I'm not so sure I should tell you that.
            Past: Aw come on!
            Present: Hey! This whole meddling with time business is already sketchy as it is. Well...okay. The baby's going to come one way or another, regardless of what you think. It's a boy.
            Past: AWESOME!! Do you guys already have a name for him? I think you should name him Luke Skywalker or by some fictional character like...uh...ARAGORN! Yeah! That'd be awesome!
            Present: Haha...Well...he's not your baby YET...and's not Aragorn. We're thinking about calling him Elliott. And remember, the woman is ALWAYS right. Always.
            Past: Elliott huh? I LIKE IT! Elliott! Life sounds like it just gets more exciting after high school.
            Present: It's like 1000 TIMES more exciting! It'll be hard yeah...but it's the happiest I've...we'll ever be.
            Past: Sweet! We should jam sometime! I've got the guitars back home. I bet you've learned some awesome stuff on guitar.
            Present: Sounds like fun! Let's jam!!

   Anyways...leaving this ramble haha!! Elliott Scott Dickerson is the new addition that is coming to our family. He is due on October 3, 2011. Trish is presently at 37 weeks pregnant (full term) could really come ANY DAY now! The next few weeks prove to be interesting especially with TOMORROW being the first day of classes in the Fall. Yep! It's BACK TO SCHOOL! It's felt so long since I've been in school, but I feel refreshed and ready for it. Like I told my past, we're the happiest we've ever been. And there is still so much journey left that I can't fathom the happiness that will come along the way.


  1. it's like when evil scott pilgrim and good scott have to fight... but then they turn out to just get along really well.

  2. Hahaha I LOVE it!!! You and me are like twin brothers (from different mothers) (who were born 5 years apart from each other) (who should get along but don't...) hehe ANYWAY we are "Spiritual" twin brothers...

    Or nat

  3. That is so cute!! I love it! You and Trish are going to be amazing parents!! :)